BREAD Accomplishments (1997 – 2018)




*38,000 new hours of bus service from center city neighborhoods to outer belt jobs (1998)


* $1 million transit center on East Main Street to connect center city residents with outer belt jobs (2005)




*County-wide “First Source” agreement giving center city residents the first shot at jobs (1998)


*$2.1 million dollars to expand small business incubators and small business loans. An additional $1 million was matched by the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio, creating 164 construction jobs and 815 full time jobs (2011)


*Won the revision of a city ordinance that would prioritize partnerships with workforce development agencies and the hiring of disadvantaged job seekers including those with criminal backgrounds (2017)




*New evidence-based curriculum, doubling passing rate of 4th grade reading in 10 high poverty schools (1998)


* KEY Truancy program reducing chronic truancy by 55% in the first two years (2007)


*Eliminated use of out-of-school suspensions for truancy (2014)


*$88,455 federal funds allocated for Columbus City Schools staff to reduce suspensions through training by the International Institute for Restorative Practices (2018)




*Walking beat and bicycle cops in Main Street & Woodland Park safe zones


*Reduced juvenile crime due to curfew violations in Hudson-Weber area safe zones


*Secured sting operations in Corpus Christi safe zone resulting in reduction of violent crime among seniors


*“Project Clean Sweep” on Near East side focused on crime reduction around abandoned buildings (1999)


*Expanded Franklin County’s Drug Court from 50 to 300 cases (2008)


* Implementation of the Ohio Risk Assessment System (ORAS), to help reduce crime (2011)


*Restorative Justice circles in 8 high crime neighborhoods to reduce youth crime and keep kids out of jail (2012)


*Department of Public Safety began the Safe Neighborhoods initiative to reduce gang and gun violence (2017)


Neighborhood Cleanup


*2 notorious crack houses boarded up and shut down in Main Street safe zone (prior to 1998)


*Allocation of $300,000 to demolish dangerous abandoned housing (1997)


*9 dangerous properties razed in Main Street & Woodland Park safe zones


*$500,000 allocated for two mobile police “crack-busting” units. (prior to 1998)


*Investment of $14+ million to build storm sewers and sidewalks on the East side (1999)


*County Land Bank (with currently $3.5 million) which has razed 73% of the worst properties (2009)




* Affordable Housing Trust fund investing $4 million annually created over 9,000 units since 2001 (1999)




*Secured $1.2 million to expand primary care at Columbus Neighborhood Health Centers (2002)


* $1.2 million to expand services at CHNC for more than 2,700 people annually for 3 years (2002)


* $373,000 to ensure that more than 1,500 people would continue to receive their prescription drug benefits


*Community health workers added at community health centers providing outreach to the sickest Medicaid patients


Payday lending


*Reduced the allowable interest charged by payday lenders from 391% to 28% (2008)


Mental Health


*Three new Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Teams for people suffering from a severe mental illness (2014-2015)


*$1 million to expand care for people suffering from mental illness.  The Pathway Clubhouse reopened (2016)